Thank you to this year's Major "Firecracker" Sponsors: ​​

Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival 2018 

Date: Sunday, September 16, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Where: Almaden Lake Park, 6099 Windfield Blvd, San Jose, CA 95120 

Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival 2018

Almaden Valley Women's Club (AVWC) turns 53 years old this year. They started the festival when Almaden was still home to an abundance orchards and ranches. Now, over 50 years later, the festival is one of the longest continuously run festivals produced by a non-profit in CA. 

Join me and my family by attending Almaden’s own annual Art & Wine Festival.  And, a BIG Thank You to the AVWC for all the hard work they do to ensure the festival is a successful event each year.  

For information on how to volunteer or questions, contact Denelle Fedor at 408-535-4993 or by email at

Remember to Thank a Soldier for keeping our country safe and free!

Message from Councilmember Johnny Khamis:

Copyright © San Jose District 10 Council Office 

4th of July Annual Event 

Join us for the 5th Annual 4th of July 2018 Family Fun Festival and Firework Show at Almaden Lake & Park! ​​

I hope you are as excited as I am for our Annual Family Fun Festival and Firework Show at the Almaden Lake Park. Given the city's safety-related ban on the use of personal fireworks, this public event offers families and people of all ages and backgrounds a safe place to celebrate the birth of our nation. This patriotic, fun-filled, family-friendly event (no alcohol is served or allowed) is a great way to spend July 4th celebrating—the United States of America—and recognizing our Veterans and active duty Soldiers.

Craig Cutright along with Bob Vonderwerth, both District 10 residents of the Blossom Valley area of San Jose, are producing this fantastic firework display. 

DATE: July 4, 2018

TIME: 3 P.M, Fireworks will begin about 30 minutes after sunset 

LOCATION: Almaden Lake Park 
Listed below are ways that you, your family, friends and neighbors can contribute to this successful, patriotic community event!

Other Ways YOU can help with the July 4th Family Fun Festival & Firework Show listed below:

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Please see above for volunteer opportunities


We support and ENCOURAGE everyone to walk/bike, use public transportation! Parking is limited.

The following items WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT Almaden Lake Park at anytime on July 4th. 
NO Alcohol
NO Weapons
NO Barbeques
NO Illegal Fireworks - Offenders risk being FINED a MINIMUM of $500 or more
NO Pets, NO emotional support animals

TENTS MUST be secured/staked into the ground or you risk having the tent removed.

TENTS MUST be taken down at or before 6:00 PM


If the RULES are not followed, the offender runs the risk of being cited and having the items in question removed from their person and the possibility of being arrested by the San Jose Police Department.  


We have many needs for volunteers. Everyone interested in volunteering must register with Denelle at least 3 weeks before the event, sign a liability form and go through a brief overview/training of your area of interest to volunteer. We are notaccepting volunteer sign up’s on July 4th. 

Please see the following descriptions (1-9) below. The date/time needed for volunteer work is listed next to the volunteer title. Please indicate what timeframe you are available within the time that is needed for volunteers. For example, if the volunteer time needed is between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm, list the hours within this timeframe you are available. Please contact Denelle with any questions

(1) July 3rd—Set Up (Between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM)

We need help in the late afternoon/early evening on July 3rd to set up (tables, filling sand bags, and other various tasks for July 4th).

(2) July 4th—Entrance/Exit Locations. (Between 12:00 PM until Fireworks start)

If you have prior experience and/or are comfortable searching bags/coolers as people enter the park, we need you!  Security will also be present at each entrance, but we need volunteers to help assist.

(3) July 4th—Assist Winfield Closure/Checking Parking Passes (7:00 AM to 9:00 pm)

We are closing Winfield at Coleman to the Quarry Road (where Winfield ends). Only those vehicles with a parking pass will be allowed to enter Winfield at Coleman.  The entrance will be barricaded and only those with passes will be allowed in.  Security/Police will be present at this location. Volunteers are needed to help.

(4) July 4th—Picking Up Trash Throughout the Event (3:00 PM until Fireworks Start)

We need help picking up trash throughout the event.   This is a perfect community service program for young adults looking to gain credit for community service hours.

(5) July 4th—Lights after the Fireworks (Immediately after Fireworks)

We have 3 lights that need to be turned on IMMEDIATELY after the fireworks.  These lights are essential as they provide the lighting needed for spectators to exit the park.

(6) July 4th—Letters to Soldiers Tables (1:00 PM until 8:45 PM)

We will have at least two tables set up with stationery, envelopes, crayons, and other items for attendees to write letters to our active military soldiers throughout the world.

(7) July 4th—Take Down (After Firework Show)

We need help taking down the tents, tables, chairs, etc., after the event is over. With enough help, this will only take about 30 minutes or so.

(8) July 4th—Misc. help (2:00 PM to 8:45 PM)

If you do not see an area where you feel you could help out, but you want to help, no worries, we can find a job for you.  Please contact Denelle Fedor to discuss other opportunities.

(9) July 5th—Park Clean Up

We need volunteers to meet us at the park on July 5th to pick up trash that was left after the Festival.  We provide bagels, cream cheese, Danish, coffee & juice! It is actually fun to pick up the trash in the morning hours.  This activity is also good for those looking to gain community service hours.