Johnny Khamis

Councilmember - District 10

After his parents fled Beirut, Lebanon, Johnny Khamis and his family lived "the American Dream”. Growing up in San Jose in a struggling, immigrant family, attending public schools, and starting his own company, Western Benefit Solutions, laid the foundation for Johnny’s views of how government should serve its people.

Johnny was first elected to the San Jose City Council in November 2012 representing District 10, the Almaden Valley and Blossom Valley areas of South San Jose. He was reelected in 2016. Although intended as a criticism by some, Johnny takes great pride in being labeled “The Numbers Guy” on the City Council because of his focus on fiscal accountability. He has worked to find savings on property leases, worked to reduce bond interest rates and uncovered fraudulent activities on VTA.  His work has helped to streamline the building department, reducing permit fees for home remodels. He has fought to rebuild our police force, and against laws that make our community less safe. 

In this highly partisan political environment, Johnny takes pride in working with colleagues with different political views to tackle the community’s challenges.  Johnny is a fighter, working hard for the rights of the people and for the laws that make San Jose safe. 

Johnny is a devoted family man and 43-year resident of San Jose. He and his wife, Juliana, have made their home in Almaden with their two sons, Constantin and Alexander.