Fiscal Responsibility

  • Guided the contract with to increase the City’s financial transparency by allowing for the online release of City financial data.
  • Provided more scrutiny over potentially costly lease revenue bonds, and changed the city ordinance so that a 2/3 vote, not a simple majority, would be needed to pass the bonds; also required that staff provide a worst-case scenario to avoid negative situations like the costly City-owned golf courses.
  • Reduced the cost of permit fees by up to 40% for all small additions and home remodels.
  • Established a new small-project desk for one-stop approvals on small, conforming building projects.
  • Supported pre-tax transit accounts for City employees so that they can set aside their own money, pre-tax, to use toward commuting expenses.
  • Restored the Employee suggestion program so that we can learn from our employees how to more efficiently provide services to our residents. This program is expected to save time and money.Type your paragraph here.

Community Pride

  • Established new neighborhood associations to inspire more District 10 leaders to actively participate in improving the community.
  • Established and hosted the inaugural and second District 10 July 4th Fun Festival at Almaden Lake with tens of thousands in attendance.
  • Partnered with Councilmember Don Rocha and Councilmember Ash Kalra to host the Westfield Oakridge Winter Walk and Senior Resource Fair.
  • Collaborated with non-profit service clubs to develop and unveil the “Welcome to Almaden Valley” sign.
  • Organized the community to conduct clean-ups for weed and brush control at the Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, which will be adopted by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, saving thousands of our park maintenance budget annually.
  • Encouraged the adoption of Parma Park , Almaden Lake Park, and Almaden Meadows Park by community groups.
  • Collaborated with councilmembers from Districts 6, 9, and 10 to budget $500,000 in City capital funds from the Parks Department to complete the Guadalupe-Los Alamitos Trails Master Plan.
  • Worked with local representatives of the Sierra Club and other environmental advocates to advise on public and private projects to ensure maximum retention of native trees.
  • Took action to curb the wild pigs that plagued Almaden Valley by drafting an Urgency ordinance to handle the issue and had it passed with a super majority of the Council.
  • Supported the YMCA after-school program for Del Roble and Almaden Elementary Schools.
  • Presented the annual fall Youth Job Fair at Westfield Oakridge Mall.
  • Implemented the 3rd Grade City Hall Field Trip, where my office provides grants to our schools for their 3rd grade classes to take a tour of City Hall with our wonderful docents, Dan and Harriet Roy, and attend a question-and-answer session in Council Chambers, where I get to meet and interact with the students.
  • Provided grants to all local schools.
  • Pushed for the successful implementation of pornography filters for the children’s section at the San Jose Public Libraries.
  • Advocated for funding ($16 million the first year and $8 million the second year) to fund needed paving projects.
  • Facilitated the repainting of several sound walls on Santa Teresa, Almaden Expressway, and Redmond and Meridian.
  • Restored the VTA EcoPass to City employees to increase utilization of public transit by the City workforce.Type your paragraph here.

Public Safety

  • Spearheaded the effort to allocate money in the budget necessary to open the southern police substation. This brand new (built in 2009), previously unopened city asset is now being used as a training facility for our police academy and is also being used to house Community Service Officers, saving our city more than $542,000 per year.
  • Supported hiring of 54 Community Service Officers to carry out non-sworn duties, freeing up fully sworn officers to respond to emergencies.
  • Voted to increase the pay of SJPD officers to boost morale and improve retention of experienced officers.
  • Initiated and hosted several District 10 community safety events with safety-related vendors, and representatives from the San Jose Police and Fire Departments and the Office of the Santa Clara County District Attorney, to educate attendees how to protect themselves, their families and their neighborhoods.
  • Raised more than $15,000 for the San Jose Police Foundation to purchase mobile fingerprinting identification equipment to help the police do their jobs more efficiently.
  • With the combined efforts of diligent community members, District 10 staff, and police investigators, several arrests were made in connection to local burglaries.
  • Since January 2013, my staff has partnered with the Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative (RLEI) to establish a property owners’ association in the Hoffman Via-Monte area to address the drug and crime issues facing the neighborhood, which unfortunately sees more crime than other areas in District 10.
  • Implemented crossing guards and speed bumps in school neighborhoods.
  • Implemented the Walk-and-Roll program throughout neighborhood schools in which children were encouraged to use other transportation options such as walking or biking in order to get to school.
  • Collaborated with the Department of Transportation to improve the safety of major walkways such as Meridian, Blossom Hill Road, Choctaw, and McAbee.
  • Improved crosswalks installed at Meridian & Oak Glen, Blossom Hill Rd. & Park Crest, and McAbee & Golden Oak Way and also installed a new crosswalk at Newcompton & Hyde Park.
  • Installed new stop sign at Edelweiss Dr. & Indigo Dr., and Harte & Orangebrick Way.
  • New pedestrian signage installed near Cahalan Park
  • Installed more than 150 new ADA ramps at intersections throughout District 10.Type your paragraph here.

District 10 Council Office Accomplishments

I have been committed to serving the needs of the District 10 community, partnering with you to build safe, healthy, and thriving neighborhoods.  With a focus on public safety, fiscal responsibility, and community pride, I have worked toward innovative solutions to the challenges facing our District and city. I am committed to the betterment of our community and the City of San Jose as a whole, ensuring this will be a place we can be proud of for generations to come!

Below are some of the accomplishments we have achieved to this end, as well as goals to progress even further toward a better District 10 and better city: