Download Mobile City Hall:

​Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone!

Want to report a pothole, graffiti, or other blight in your neighborhood to the City of San José? Then grab your smartphone and download Mobile City Hall. Launched in December 2009 for iPhones, Mobile City Hall is an App developed by Councilmember Pete Constant in partnership with CitySourced that empowers San José residents to improve their community from the convenience of their smartphones. The application allows residents to send real time requests for City services to Constant’s Council office. The App is available for ALL San Jose residents, so be sure to tell your neighbors or friends living in other Council Districts! See below for download instructions.

iPhone (iTunes store):

Click here to download or Search for “San Jose 311″ in the App Store on your phone.


Click here to download or Search for “San Jose 311″ in Google Play on your phone.

Windows Phone:

Search for “Mobile City Hall”