Tax Forms and Business Permits:

Depending on on the type of business, there will be different tax types you will be required to pay.  Each tax type has its own tax forms, rates and filing deadlines. 

Business Tax:
All persons or companies conducting business in San Jose must obtain the business tax certificate, whether or not they have offices located in San Jose.  Refer to the Business Tax & Registration page for forms and more information.

Regulatory Permits:
​All persons or companies conducting the following types of business in San Jose are required to pay for a Regulatory Permit along with their Business Tax.

​-Amusement Devices
-Christmas Tree Lots/Pumpkin Patches
-Handbill Distributor/Curb Painter
-Second Hand Dealer

​For more information regarding taxes and business permits click here.

Permitting Center

  • Online Permits: 

     Utilize the online permit center to apply for permits or inspections.  Click here to apply

  • Permit Process:

     Click here to learn about the different types of permits and the permitting process. 

  • Addressing:

     Click here to review the guidelines for assigning new addresses. 

  • Fees:

     Click here to learn more about the fees involved in the permitting process. 

  • Adopted Codes:

     To review the current fire and building codes click here

  • Permit Information:

     To review permit policies, specific permit information or permit statistics click here.