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Council Member Johnny Khamis, District 10, has long been a supporter of the City of San José’s sustainability efforts, including a campaign to promote recycling right that launched last July.

“We have to do our part and do everything we can to make our planet a very healthy and sustainable place for future generations,” he said recently during a Zoom interview with staff members of the Environmental Services Department.

Khamis shared his own approach to recycling at home as well as some tips for residents in his district and across San José.

“At home we have two bins right next to the sink in the kitchen,” he said. “One is a recycling bin and one is a trash bin. Before we throw anything in either bin, we make sure our recycling is scraped clean.”

He added that containers that are dirty will actually containment other recyclable materials and could end up in the landfill, leading to increases in garbage and recycling rates.

His top tip for home recyclers: Visit

“The website has a searchable database with more than 300 items listed,” he said. “It makes it easy to find what goes in the recycle bin and what goes in the trash.”

In addition to his own personal recycling efforts, Khamis is leading efforts to bring new cutting-edge technology that would be able to recycle dirty plastics to the city, a product he noted as one of the toughest items to recycle.

“I hope to see this in the near future,” he said. “Recycling right will leave the planet a better place – for our children and our grandchildren.”